Network commercial product service experience

MVNOs have three main areas in which they can differentiate from each other, and from MNO rivals.In contrast to MVNOs, mobile network operator have four areas of differentiation. MVNOs have to rely on network partners to provide an adequate network experience, although in the mobile services layers they can add technology to help manage their customers network experience (for example, policy control or compression technologies). Ultimately though, there is a baseline of network experience that is provided by their network partner – hence the reason you should choose network partners carefully.

Since MVNOs do not control the network domain, this means they need to place extra attention on the other three areas. And here there is great scope for innovation. Few mobile players – whether they own the network or not – have truly innovated across all three of these areas. And when we examine complaints data we discover that most complaints are focused on the commercial and service areas.

By asking themselves explicitly how they can innovate and differentiate in each area, MVNOs will discover that there are many quick wins as well as strategic plays which they can utilise to deliver better commercial results. This helps break MVNOs out of the discounting bloodbath that is the main commercial strategy for so many of them.

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